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Araks Song and Dance Ensemble


Artistic director – Mr. Hamlet Hovhannisyan 
Exemplary song and dance ensemble "Araks" named after Hamlet Bagratyan at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Kharkov and Sumy regions has been founded in 2006. 
The ensemble of three age categories - senior, middle, junior. Currently, the total number of participants - 60 people. The main activity of the ensemble - the study and preservation of traditional Armenian folk dance, Armenian folk vocals. Also, the curriculum includes: modern dance, folk and modern Ukrainian singing, playing Armenian folk instruments. Members of the ensemble after graduation (5 years) receive the corresponding document - a certificate Ukrainian sample. 
Since the beginning of 2007 and until June 2011 Song and Dance Ensemble "Araks" directed Hamlet Bagratyan - Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, laureate of international, Union and national competitions and festivals in the USSR. He has made an invaluable contribution to the creation of the ensemble, the formation and development of national color. Hamlet Bagratyan is a choreographer - director of the Armenian traditional dances as "Shirak", "Garoun", "Dle", "Dvin", "Shir Khani", "Vardavar." These dances have become part of the repertoire of the ensemble. Since August 2011 Song and Dance Ensemble "Araks" proudly bears his name. 
Today, the art-director and choreographer of the ensemble is Hamlet Hovhannisyan- winner of Pan-armenian and international festivals.. He was born in 1984 (Yerevan, Armenia). Hamlet Hovhannisyan has graduated from Yerevan state choreographic college ( folk dance teacher, choreographer, dancer). 
From 2004 to 2008 - dancer of the popular "milen show-ballet" in armenia. 
From 2009 to 2012 - choreographer of the dance ensemble at the cultural center of Yerevan State University (Armenia). 
In 2012 (Yerevan) worked as a dance teacher at the «Dance summer scool» organized for the armenian choreographers of Diaspora by the Ministry of Diaspora of RA and YSU cultural center. 
From 2012 till now- the art-director and choreographer of the exemplary song and dance ensemble "Araks" at the Honorary consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Kharkov (Ukraine). 
Under his creative direction of the exemplary song and Dance Ensemble "Araks" has significantly expanded its creative repertoire stylized dance show "Artashat", "Sevan", graceful women and courageous dances - "Nakhshun Baggi", "Artsakhi", "Sareri ovin mernem" (I'll Die for the Wind of the Mountains), Dance Warriors -" Yarhushta, Kochari, Kertsi", " shepherds" and other dance performances. Also in the ensemble's repertoire came "Kintauri" - dance-scene from the life of Tbilisian Armenians, stylized choreography "Faith" - dedicated to making Christian Armenia, "Remember and demand"- dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire, "Adjarian" dance, "Shalakho" dance, "Tulips", "Sardarapat" and other folk, traditional and stylized dances. 
In 2014 Hamlet Hovhannisyan in Moscow received a gold medal of the Union of Armenians of Russia. 
Special attention is given to song and dancing folklore cleanliness, and also to preservation of performance traditions, popularizations of national musical, choreographic and vocal art 
In the process of staging dance compositions, the ensemble members also learn the history of the emergence of dance in Armenian culture, name and value of movement inherent in the Armenian folk dance, get acquainted with the traditional Armenian music. 
Now the repertoire of song and dance ensemble "Araks" includes more than 22 Armenian and various folk dances, Armenian and Ukrainian vocal compositions. 
Traditionally, the ensemble takes part in the celebrations, which holds the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Armenia in Kharkov and Sumy regions: the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia, the Day of Remembrance
of the Victims of the Genocide of the Armenian people. Also, the ensemble performs at various events and concerts are held in Kharkov and district centers of the region. 
In 2015 exemplary song and Dance Ensemble "Araks" represented Armenia at the «Zemplen 27» international folk dance festival in Shatoraljauhely (Hungary).


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