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Works of art / 1880-1900








Sarkis Katchadourian

Sarkis Katchadourian (Iranian, 1886–1947)
La danse arménienne devant le mont Ararat
oil on canvas
73 x 117 cm. (28.7 x 46.1 in.)






Teodor Axentowicz (Poland-Armenia, 1859-1938)
Round dance (Kolomyjka)
Painting, oil on canvas. 1895, 85 x 112.5 cm.






Hatherell, W. (drawing): Armenia after the massacres. The bridegroom's procession at a Moslem wedding at Adana.
Print, 1897, 22.6 x 30.3 cm.
Collection Alkis Raftis




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