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Introduction to the Armenian Dance Pandect


The goals of the Armenian Dance Pandect are:
                                 1. Ugrade Armenian dance by providing a complete source of knowledge 
                                     for its teachers, choreographers and dancers.
                                 2. Retrace the history of Armenian dance from Antiquity till the present, 
                                     highlighting its wealth, beauty and variety.
                                 3. List all Armenian dance professionals in the world. The public will be 
                                     surprised to know how many they are and how dispersed geographically and 
                                 4. Provide fresh information on forthcoming events: workshops, classes, 
                                     festivals, meetings, performances etc., thereby increasing their audience.
                                 5. Prepare the World Congress of Armenian dance professionals, under 
                                     the International Dance Council CID UNESCO.
                                 6. Make Armenian dance known to a larger audience of non-Armenians, 
                                     encouraging them to practice it, thereby creating an international movement 
                                     for Armenian dance.


     I am aware that these are very ambitious goals. I am confident that we will succeed, especially since the heart of this project is Anah Sari, a wonderful person with many talents. We will proceed gradually and we will sollicit help from all sides.


     What you see by visiting this website today is not final: new material will be added continuously. Some day in the near future Armenians will be able to proudly say that no other country disposes a pandect as rich as Armenian dance.



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