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Costumes / Georgia










Melikishvili princess' portrait, 19th century




 Armenian woman from Tiflis 

Armenian woman's costume from Tiflis
19th century approx.





1. Akhaltskh 

Armenian Woman from Akhaltsikh,
Photo by F. Orden, late 19th century





Armenian woman in traditional armenian costume,
Akhaltskha, 19th - 20th centuries approx.




Akhaltskha 1881

Armenian women's costume from Akhaltskh, 1881




Women form Akhaltskha

 Armenian Women costume from Akhaltskh,
20th century approx.





  Armenian Women in Georgian costume, 1900





 Armenian woman in Georgian costume, 
middle of 19th century approx.


 Women from Caucasus
Armenian women from Causasus in traditional costumes,
19th - 20th centuries approx.




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