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Sipan and Nanor Armenian Dance Groups



     Hamazkayin cyprus "Oshagan" chapter's Sipan dance group is under the artistic directions of Mr krikor keleshian,from lebanon.

     The Cyprus chapter of Hamazkayin Educational and cultural Association is part of a world wide network of cultural groups dedicated to the preservation and propagation of the Armenian cultural heritage,by means of dance,drama and choral groups,publications,presentations,concerts,exhibitions and commemorations.

     With the "Sipan" dance groups,"Timag" theatre group,various literary events and art exhibitions,the Cyprus Chapter of Hamazkayin has become a centre of cultural activity within the Armenian community in Cyprus.


     "Sipan" dance group share the stage with "Nanor" junior dance group,formed by the Armenian representative Vartkes Mahdessian,in order to allow for new generations of Armenians to connect with their roots.The combination of these two dance groups will ensure that the deep-rooted Armenian spirit in our community continues to flourish despite ever-growing adverse influences on young generations.










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