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Costumes / Turkey









Armenian kingdom of Cilicia, 
The modern site of Sis is Kozan, Turkey.





Armenian costume from Sasun
end of 19th century approx.




8. Armenians from Kars           2. Armenians from Kars 

Costumes of Armenians of Kars
Photo by D.I. Yermakov, 1870




Armenian women from Kars

Armenian women in traditional costumes,
Kars, end of 19th century





4. Armenians 

Armenians in Pontos costumes, 
Photo by D.I. Yermakov, 1870




Armenian family in traditional hamshen's (Pontos) costume,







Armenian girl costume without head wear.

Artvin, 19 - 20 century approx.





Amida                       FamilyfromAmida 

 Armenian female costumes.                                                Armenian family.            
                                                                                       Man wares turkish fez, often wore this hat western armenians

Amida (western Armenia), 19 - 20 century approx.





Armenain female costume with beutiful head ware,
Van, 1897




Adana         siskozan 

Armenian female costume,
Sis, Kozan, 1897



Armenian from Khotrjur

 Armenian women costumes from Khotrjur (Trabzon)
19th - 20th centuries approx.





Kayseri, 1900



Erzroum-Karin       Erzroum-Karin2

Armenain female costumes, Erzroum, Karin
Diyarbekir2                diyarbekir 
1983                                                                      1909  
Armenian female costumes,
Diyarbekir (Bayazet)





Armenian family from Bayazet in traditional costumes,
19th - 20th centuries approx.



Armenian woman from Olti

Armenian woman's costume, Olti
19 - 20 century approx.



Armenian woman from Nukhi

Noble armenian woman's costume from Nukhi
19th - 20th century approx.
Noble Armenian woman from Sarighamish
Noble Armenian woman in traditional costume,
Sarighamish, end of 19th century approx.


Merry Schoolgirls in Van

A Row of Merry Schoolgirls in Van
Approx. end of 19th century








Khnus                              Timar  

   Male armenian costume of peasant.                                              Female costume, Timar           
One of the surrounding villages of Khnus                                                                                             





Male costume. Rshtunik


 18th century approx.






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